Learn Spanish reading

books you love

Forget boring textbooks and childrens stories. Read books like Harry Potter, The Hobbit, and more in Spanish. Read the books you love no matter your level.

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A better way to learn

Reading has always been considered an excellent path to learning a new language but was always hard. You needed to constantly hop in an out of the story to look up words, translate and make flashcards to really make it work. Now with Nuance you don't need any of that. Simply just read.

Read out load.
Even in your bad Spanish accent the app can hear you and help you improve. This also helps you get used to speaking the langauge.
Get instant feedback.
Don't know to pronounce something exactly? Not a problem. Reading to learn is about getting tons of repitition over time not about being perfect. With repitition you will get better.
Enjoy your practice.
Finding a habit you can keep and not hate is the most important part of learning. Reading books to learn this way will become your favorite part of the day.